Roly and Addy
Salsa Cubana

Roly Maden

Roly Maden, Master Dancer and Choreographer, was born on March 1, 1971 in a small neighborhood of Havana, with an innate passion for music and dance. Study in the best Cuban schools Today he lives and teaches in Italy where he teaches the typical folklore of the great Caribbean island: salsa, son, mambo, afro rumba and chachachà. But his activity does not take place only in the Venetian city, as Maestro Roly Maden is one of the most requested masters for stages and shows, both in Italy and abroad, for his personal style, full of passion and movement. The peculiarity of his style is the care for male and female gestures, the elegance and cleanliness of the movements, the musical interpretation, the dynamism ... With his TIMBATOUR professional training course (in collaboration with C.S.A.IN Sports Promotion Body), he has been following the students for years, from the basics to portals to being instructors of various levels. Become the National Manager of the Caribbean sector. The RolyMadenStyle brand has become a quality brand, now recognized in Italy and Europe.

Addy Mendozo

Professional dancer and dance instructor Addanelis Maria Mendoza was born in Cuba in 1992 and began dancing at the age of 5, joining the Ballet Children's Ballet Academy in Camaguey. In 2007 she graduated from the Luis Casas Romero Professional Art School as a Cuban modern dance dancer. In 2011 he graduated in Art at the Manuel Munoz Cedenos Professional School of Art. Later she specialized in Cuban Folk Dance at the Istituto Superiore d'Arte (ISA). In 2013 he held a course at the CNEART (Center National Art Site, located in Havana, Cuba) entitled "Improvisation Technique Methodology Coreology". He began his career in the same year at the Folkloristic Ballet of Camaguey and as a teacher of choreographic composition at the Luis Casas Romero School of Professional Art. She currently resides in Italy and was part of the Sondeakokan company, together with the dancer Yuniel Gual for whom she has performed in all salsa conferences worldwide. Now, co-founder of the SOMOS CUBA group, he combines the talents of great professionals with the mission of expanding Cuban dance in the world.

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